Ready for a better product?

Why UserActive?

Your users deserve the best possible experience with your product. We feel the same about our customers, so we work hard to deliver three added benefits when you use our service.

Product Differentiation

Eliminate competition by delivering unique value for your customer


Increase utilisation and retention by providing users with a better experience

Specialist expertise

Specialising in SaaS means we have deep knowledge of your domain

This is for you, if

Our ideal customers are SaaS companies that have powerful products but often lack in-house product designers, or need to address a specific product challenge.

You’re launching a new product

We ensure your new product is well designed from the offset, saving you time and cost in the longterm.

Your product is underperforming

We identify the root cause of any problems and address them with user-centric design solutions.

Your team is mostly technical

We deliver usability and aesthetic enhancements that developers can easily build.

Need SaaS designers?

Book a call with a SaaS expert. We’ll share advice and see if we’re a good fit to help.

What you’ll receive

We ensure you’re provided with the information and materials you need to develop a first rate interface. Here are three key deliverables you’ll receive when you work with UserActive.

Workshops & consulting

You’ll participate in workshops that apply creativity and critical thinking to your product challenges.

Developer ready design layouts

You’ll receive a set of fully resolved design files published and ready for development.

Assets & Guidelines

You’ll receive fonts, icons, graphics, a colour palette and guidelines styling.

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Therefore, our guarantee rests on three key areas our experience tells us are most important to you.

Committed to Excellence

We have a deep passion for our craft. We are therefore committed to excellence.

Dedicated Customer Service

We have a deep appreciation for our customers. We therefore committed to delivering the best possible customer service.


Our project management practices ensure the reliable and timely delivery of your new UI designs.

Need SaaS designers?

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