SaaS Podcasts Featuring UserActive

Explore all the SaaS Podcasts featuring Peter Loving, the founder of UserActive. If you’re unfamiliar with him, let me introduce him: with 15 years of experience in SaaS consulting and agency management, he has enhanced user experiences and interface designs for over 100 tech companies. His expertise lies in driving significant improvements in areas such as upgrades, utilization and customer retention.

SaaS Podcasts

So, are you ready to take your SaaS to the next level? Eager to learn from industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done that?

This SaaS podcast collection showcases insightful experts and entrepreneurs in the SaaS realm sharing their experiences. Delve into optimizing user experiences, define UI/UX principles and discussing strategies for scaling SaaS businesses. Packed with practical advice and valuable insights, these podcasts are a must-listen for anyone aiming for success in the SaaS industry!

SaaS Podcast Appearances

SaaS & Scotch

SaaS & Scotch is one of the SaaS podcasts for excellent insights and strategies. So, listeners can expect to hear from industry experts and entrepreneurs discussing all things related to SaaS, from growth hacks to marketing tactics. During this episode, Peter talks about how to get users to love your SaaS product and the methods to achieve that!

SaaSy as F**k

SaaSy as F**k is one of the SaaS podcasts focused on delivering candid conversations and practical advice for SaaS professionals. So, listeners can tune in to hear industry insights, growth strategies and real-world experiences from experts and entrepreneurs in the SaaS industry. During this episode, Peter chats about his shift from physical to digital design, common UI/UX mistakes and the future of SaaS. 

Grow your B2B SaaS

Grow your B2B SaaS is a podcast about entrepreneurship and business growth through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. So as a listener, you can expect to hear valuable insights and strategies for building and scaling businesses. During this episode, Peter talks about the difference between UX and UI and gives tips on improving design for B2B SaaS companies. Finally, he also discusses key success metrics and when to seek help from a SaaS agency. So, don’t wait too long!

SaaS District

SaaS District is one of the top SaaS podcasts covering almost everything in the SaaS world. Listeners can tune in to hear industry experts and leaders talk about growth strategies, product development, and more. During this episode, Peter discusses SaaS design strategies. He shares his insights on UI/UX, retention tactics, and his favorite SaaS company designs. Finally, he also reflects on his journey building UserActive and gives some good advice for aspiring UX designers.

The way of Product

The Way of Product is your guide to mastering product management. It offers insights, strategies and interviews with industry experts to help you excel in product management. So, listeners can expect to hear best practices, methodologies and tips for building successful products. Lastly, you can also hear some tips on how to advance your career in product management. During this episode, Peter talks about product design and the distinctions between UX and product design. So, don’t miss out!

The Product Design Podcast

The Product Design Podcast is a great resource for product designers looking to improve their skills and knowledge. Designers can tune in to hear interviews and insights on different aspects of product design, including user experience, user interface, and design thinking. During this episode, Peter talks about his journey from interior design to UX design. He shares tips on starting and sustaining a successful freelance career, finding leads, building an agency and finally motivating his team. Additionally, he also offers insights into his hiring process.

SaaS Boss

SaaS Boss is one of the SaaS podcasts tailored for SaaS founders and entrepreneurs. It covers various topics such as actionable insights, strategies, and interviews with industry experts to assist you in building and scaling your SaaS business. So, as a founder or entrepreneur, you can expect to hear about growth hacks, fundraising tips, and success stories, as this podcast covers all aspects of running a successful SaaS company. During this episode, Peter discusses the importance of defining user profiles and goal-based navigation for optimizing your product dashboard. Additionally, he also talks about metrics that support desired outcomes and the ROI of these design efforts.

Startup Sales

Startup Sales is a podcast all about sales in startup companies, perfect for beginners! It covers topics like sales strategies, techniques, challenges, and success stories tailored to startups. So, you can listen to interviews with sales pros, entrepreneurs, and industry experts sharing insights and advice on growing sales in startup environments. During this episode, Peter talks about the important role of UI/UX in converting free trials to paying customers, improving user experience, and optimizing pricing models. All common struggles for startups, so tune in!

Affiliate BI

Affiliate Bi is a podcast all about affiliate marketing. It delves into topics such as affiliate marketing strategies, tactics, best practices, case studies, and industry trends. Listeners can expect to hear discussions with affiliate marketers, industry experts, and successful affiliates, who offer insights and advice on effectively monetizing affiliates. During this episode, Peter shares his insights on the trend happening with larger affiliate companies and creating a passive income with your SaaS through affiliates.


Tekpon is a software aggregator born out from the genuine desire to help people change the way they consume and purchase software products and services. Tekpon has behind a team of enthusiastic tech lovers, but most of all, their main goal is to help users boost their lives and businesses with the right software.

SaaS Podcasts wrap up

So, explore all these SaaS insights from Peter, as he joins various podcasts. From chatting about making your product user-friendly to sharing smart growth tips, these podcasts have something for everyone in the SaaS industry. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Peter’s talks give you real advice to push your SaaS to the next level. Therefore, kick back, relax, tune in and get ready for some good advice! 

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