Answers to our customer’s most frequently asked questions.

Our SaaS design projects start once we’ve gathered internal insights and established a clear project scope during our live workshop sessions. Once these critical aspects are in place, our team is primed to initiate work almost immediately.


Typically, our designers are engaged and ready to start on your project within a matter of days, and in some cases, mere hours from the conclusion of our initial workshops. This rapid initiation ensures that your project gains momentum promptly, allowing us to channel our expertise and creativity into crafting tailored design solutions for your SaaS product.

Choosing between an agency and an in-house designer involves weighing various factors. Here’s why partnering with an agency like ours offers distinct advantages:

Transferable industry knowledge

We bring diversity and experience across industries to our projects. This exposure allows us to adapt insights and best practices from various sectors to tailor our approach specifically to your design needs.

Proven design process

We have worked on a proven design process that ensures efficiency and quality, providing you with consistent and effective design solutions aligned with your objectives and aligned with your goals.

Cost savings on hiring, operation, and training

Opting for an agency often proves cost-effective compared to maintaining an in-house team. Enjoy savings on recruitment, operational expenses, and training efforts. Our dedicated team provides immediate access to a range of skills without the overhead costs associated with internal hiring and training.

We use Trello and Slack, and other tools for precise project planning, traceability, and seamless communication. Trello’s visual boards organise tasks and ensure transparency. Prioritising open channels through Slack, we provide real-time updates, fostering effective collaboration. 

Our working methodology centres around the strategic implementation of Design Sprints every two weeks. This enables us to meticulously plan and prioritise tasks while maintaining a keen focus on the product’s roadmap and deadlines. The use of Design Sprints enhances our flexibility, allowing us to adapt and adjust plans regularly to meet evolving requirements with agility.

Focused Services

We stand out by concentrating solely on design solutions for SaaS, avoiding unrelated services like video production, branding, or graphic design. Our commitment is precision, ensuring a clear understanding that sets us apart.

Streamlined Communication

we have been described as our clients as an extension of their team and we endeavour to build this collaborative relationship. We eliminate the need for a middleman, prioritising direct communication between clients and designers. This not only fosters a collaborative environment but also ensures that we seamlessly integrate into your team. Our commitment to clear and precise communication guarantees that your vision is conveyed accurately and executed with precision.

Distinct Design Process

Our design approach goes beyond creativity; it’s backed by a proven and unique process. We rely on the Design Sprints methodology as a cornerstone, facilitating rapid ideation, prototyping, validation, and ensuring the final product aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives.

The success is directly reflected in your product’s performance metrics. Through our designs, you should notice significant enhancements across various key indicators, such as increased conversions, improved usage metrics, extended user engagement durations, and elevated user satisfaction scores.These metrics collectively illustrate the impact of UI/UX efforts on the overall performance and user reception of your product. 

Additionally, our design contributions have proven to be effective in concept proofing and have played a role in closing deals with investors. These outcomes serve as tangible markers of success, indicating the effectiveness of our design strategies in meeting both user needs and business objectives.

At Useractive, our project allocation strategy is strategic and efficient. We adopt a double designer approach, combining the seasoned insights of a lead or senior designer with the focused attention of a dedicated designer for each account. This collaboration harnesses collective strengths, ensuring projects benefit from experienced guidance, personalised attention, and the delivery of robust design solutions.

At Useractive, we embrace transparency with our monthly pricing model, where the fee aligns with the agreed-upon story points per Design Sprint at the project’s outset. This way, you pay for the actual design work, providing clarity without hidden fees.

Moreover, we recognize the evolving nature of projects. You have the flexibility to adjust story points as needed throughout the project, allowing for dynamic changes in scope and priorities. As a bonus, our 6-12 month contract options not only offer extended partnerships but also come with a discounted rate. These contracts provide tailored services and pricing structures to accommodate diverse project needs and durations.

For clients with an ongoing monthly subscription, we require a minimum 30-day notice before the intended cancellation of your project. This notice period allows us to ensure a smooth transition and wrap up any ongoing tasks or commitments.

Clients under a 6-12 month contract can cancel the project upon the expiration of the contract term. We’ll work with you to wrap up any remaining tasks or deliverables, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfactory conclusion to our collaboration.

While we don’t directly engage in development work involving code, we provide comprehensive design solutions that are ready to be implemented by your development team.

Throughout our design process, ongoing conversations with tech teams ensure continuous alignment with technical feasibility. After finalising the design phase, we seamlessly transition by handing over our designs to your development team or preferred developers, facilitating a smooth transition from design to implementation. This collaborative approach empowers your development team to bring the designs to life effectively.

Additionally, we have established strong partnerships with reputable development teams over time. Should you require development services, we can readily connect you with these trusted partners.

We encourage you to explore our case studies, these case studies provide in-depth insights into our approach, challenges faced, and the solutions we’ve delivered.

We regularly share snippets and snapshots of our design projects on platforms like Dribbble and LinkedIn. These platforms offer a glimpse into our design aesthetic, creativity, and the diverse range of projects we are working on.

If you’re interested in more detailed information about our work in a specific industry, we invite you to reach out to us directly, we’re more than happy to provide additional information and discuss specific projects.

We take intellectual property and confidentiality seriously. All intellectual property developed during the course of a project is rightfully owned by our clients. We ensure that our clients retain full control and ownership of the designs and any related assets. Additionally, we are open to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to provide an extra layer of confidentiality for our clients.

Timelines for a SaaS product vary based on its complexity, features, and specific requirements. Our projects begin with a strategic roadmap established during the initial workshop phase, outlining milestones and timelines. This approach sets time expectations from the project’s onset.

We specialise in tailored collaborations, managing projects that typically span 6 to 8 months for clients seeking specific product improvements. Nonetheless, several of our initial engagements extend into enduring partnerships, resulting in a rich portfolio of clients who have chosen to work with us for several years. Many of these ongoing relationships involve continuous enhancements and support for SaaS products. Our commitment extends to providing dedicated support, whether it’s for shorter-term, targeted projects or long-term partnerships.

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