Narrato’s Seamless User Experience: Discovering the Power of AI Features

Developed solid UX/UI foundation to keep building and implementing AI powered features. 

Narrato is an AI content platform for marketers and creators to create winning content collaboratively faster and better. Narrato turbo-boosts the entire content creation journey – from ideation, planning, creation, optimization, collaboration to publishing, with unique features such as AI content creation and image generator, automated SEO content briefs, content workflow automation and among others.

David Robayo, Product Designer.

UserActive think about designs as something that’s a part of the product. They are not just aesthetically looking UIs but they are actually the product itself, which makes a big difference.

Sophia Solanki, Narrato Founder



A lack of UX/UI foundations can affect your product immensely. That is the case of Narrato, where the lack of basis ended up creating a platform with a lot of clutter and as they built features, navigating through them was complicated. Realising users were finding it hard to discover what was important to do, encountering tons of redundancies and unclear user flows.

  1. A modern and appealing look for the platform
  2. Creating clear and intuitive user pathways
  3. Establish strong UX/UI base for an existing product
  4. Ensure design consistency and a smoother development process

Narrato came to us for a fresh new UI perspective that with good foundations allowed the building and implementation of AI powered features.


We began with in-depth industry research and an exhaustive trial of the platform to understand Narrato’s needs. We discovered key features were hidden due to unclear user flows and there was a lack of instructions, help elements and many inconsistencies. Starting by selecting a design system, we created consistent and streamlined pathways so users could easily find their way around. Throughout the process, the aim was to produce an effective design that was adaptable and scalable for future product growth.


Users are now able to discover Narrato’s powerful AI features without chaos and frustration. The product has a consistent design style and elements throughout making it visually coherent and intuitive. Plus, well-defined routes for users allow them to quickly accomplish their objectives. Thanks to the creation of these solid UX/UI foundations, Narrato is able to satisfy current users and keep implementing new AI features with ease, knowing that they have a reliable and adaptable design framework that will support future functionalities and maintain an exceptional user experience as the product evolves.

They helped us think about the product differently and look at some of those users flow differently to try and understand what is important.

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