Leveraging Consumer Data: From LikeFolio’s Algorithm to SaaS Powerhouse

Materializing LikeFolio’s
analytics tool into a market-ready SaaS product

LikeFolio is at the cutting edge of consumer sentiment analytics, extracting insights from social media. They monitor online chatter about brands and products, offering data on consumer preferences and feelings. Recognized for their knack in anticipating market shifts, LikeFolio helps big and small investors alike.

Amadeu Thomson, Product Designer

It’s more than just good UX/UI… they listen, they understand what you’re trying to achieve, and will gently course correct you when needed.

Landon Swan, LikeFolio CEO



LikeFolio recognized the potential of their internal analytics tool. Initially mostly used in-house, they envisioned transforming this tool into a public, subscription-based platform to share their consumer sentiment insights with a wider audience. Realizing this ambition called for specialized expertise we partnered together, aiming to bridge their vision with actionable solutions and ensuring optimal usability

  1. Transitioning from a conceptual vision to concrete SaaS product design
  2. Transitioning from a conceptual vision to concrete SaaS product design.
  3. Evolving the tool from internal use to public platform
  4. Ensuring efficient and effective collaboration with the dedicated development team

LikeFolio sought SaaS specialists comfortable with the fintech intricacies. They aimed for a smooth partnership and timely outcomes. We were their fit.


Initially we underwent several rounds of iterating on wireframes, aiming to bring to life our stakeholder’s ideas. While we looked at other fintech platforms for guidance, LikeFolio’s distinct product offered few direct benchmarks. As we proposed designs, new considerations and conversations emerged, bridging what they imagined with what was both design and development-friendly. They valued how we encouraged broader thinking and helped them see the overall vision.


Our expertise navigated LikeFolio through the intricate journey from concept to execution. By meeting their initial ideas with practical design proposals we highlighted potential blind spots in their thinking from a user’s perspective, always ensuring alignment with their overarching goal whilst educating on best practices.

The result? A solution that not only met LikeFolio’s expectations but evolved into new ideas, showcasing the impact of our collaboration together.

We asked them to design, from scratch, sort of the dream of what we wanted to build… they were able to execute and help us achieve that.

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