How Boundless digital saved $200K on software dev with UserActive

Converting complex IT network & Infrastructure requirements into intuitive SaaS workflows

Boundless Digital leads as a visionary IT powerhouse, they craft advanced network automation solutions that streamline tasks and boost efficiency. Envisioning a future of rapid network deployment, intelligent configurations, and unparalleled insights, the company collaborates with global IT teams and industry leaders to reshape the landscape of IT solutions.

Gabriel Miranda, Product Designer.

By switching to design first methodology we reduced development costs by 400% compared with our last software launch.

Sidney Burks, Boundless



The focus is on revolutionizing how networks infrastructures are deployed, configured, and managed. The primary objectives involve crafting intelligent and efficient network automation solutions that enhance IT professionals to navigate intuitively while ensuring reliability, agility, and visibility. The challenge involves not only redefining solutions but also fostering a paradigm shift in network management practices for a future of efficiency and innovation.

  1. Redefine complex, time-consuming management procedures
  2. Revamped user flows that align with the automated processes
  3. Building a flexible, ready-to-use and comprehensive design system
  4. Improve user experience and interface leading intuitiveness and design practices

Boundless turned to us for an of-the-moment visual solution since the current style had become outdated. Adding new features that the previous design couldn’t support.


Working the ideal solution requires the embrace of an iterative design process. At the core of our approach was a collaboration mindset, hand in hand with stakeholders, we worked on weekly sessions of workshops, brainstorming sessions, underpinned by research, understanding the industry standards including gaps within it, also leading design critique exploring potential design patterns to uncover the ideal fit. Each iteration was a step towards intuitive user experience.


Our alliance with Boundless Digital resonates with the spirit shared by industry giants like KPMG, Deloitte, McDonald’s – pioneers who are keen on improving efficiency of IT teams of every scale.

Intricate interfaces that shave precious time off tasks, that spark operational synergy, that turn complexity into clarity. The outcome? A nexus where innovation meets industry giants, transforming interactions, and leading a new era of efficiency. It’s not just about success; it’s about revolutionizing the way corporations thrive.

The team has been capable of understanding the context of our business, understanding the innovative products that we want to bring to the market, things that don't exist and borderline mind reading.

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