Where Product Designers Shine

Are you passionate about tech products? Do you enjoy consulting with cutting edge tech companies? If your personal mission and values align with ours, we’d love to hear from you. Here are a few things we believe in.

Play the long game

We have a mission that we believe is timeless. We value the long term. From the smallest of design decisions to relationships with people, we make decisions based on the best long term.

Sweat the details

High quality products are often a complex series of detailed elements. Since we are dedicated to excellence, we are willing to sweat the details to create the best possible designs.

Keep it simple

The best products often solves complex problems in a simple manner. We always look to remove complexity where possible and resolve problems both simply and elegantly.

Own it

We believe in walking in our clients shoes. We feel invested in their product and the outcome of our collaboration. Therefore we take initiative for resolving problems like we own them.

Our mission

We help tech founders create meaningful products users love

How we work

At the interface where people interact with your tech, you want to provide the best possible experience. Our goal is making sure that experience is second to none.


As a remote team we achieve a high level of productivity by maintaining frequent communication and a strong team culture.


We work with flexible hours and holidays. Everyone on our team works to the most effective schedule for them.


A strong sense of teamwork means each member is responsible for optimising their own productivity whilst also accountable to the wider team.

Process Driven

Our operations are built upon innovative processes that help us to deliver value in an efficient and effective manner.

Join the Team!

Want to join the team at UserActive? If you’re a talented UI/UX designer or a skilled Project Manager we’d love to hear from you. Write to us including a cover email, CV and a link to your portfolio.