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The UI Audit – A Usability Review by a Product Expert

UI Audit


Software founders usually know what they can improve with their product. But have you ever had a product expert conduct an assessment of your software? At UserActive, we’ve designed hundreds of web applications and spend every day designing and reviewing them. We’ve found that we’re able to quickly deliver a lot of value with a UI Audit!

Why book a UI Audit?

Well, you may have some improvements you’d like to make to your product, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some of the common reasons why you may be interested in a UI Audit:

  • A dated interface means you’re struggling with sales and retention
  • You can find out the root cause of usability issues such as a high churn rate
  • Identify areas of friction preventing product adoption
  • Compare how your software stacks up against industry competitors

Our Process

Let’s take a look at our audit process. We always start off with a brief call to discuss your current situation and the context around your business. We consider what you’re looking to achieve and any difficulties or concerns you have.

After the call, we conduct a UI teardown. We jump into your product and assess every screen and feature. We record the initial audit over Loom so that you have a video for future reference. Then, we assess your product across a range of 10 key criteria and provide an overall software assessment score based on our proprietary software scoring system. This enables you to see strong and weak points, and also to benchmark your software against industry standards and competitors. 

What does it involve?

Here’s what you get when you book a UI audit with UserActive:

  1. 3 consulting calls
  2. UI teardown video recorded on Loom
  3. Usability rating using our product scoring system
  4. Presentation with annotated screenshots including key areas for improvements
  5. Actionable suggestions and observations

There you have it, this is what our UI Audit service at UserActive involves. It’s low cost, high value and designed to quickly give you actionable feedback and insights and benchmark your software against industry standards.

Book a UI Audit Today

Lastly, if you’d like to hire us for a UI Audit just get in touch via our website at If you’re reading this because you’ve already booked, thank you! We’re looking forward to helping you improve your product, get more users and grow!

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