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How We Increased Upgrades by 46% With a Dashboard Redesign

We have recently done a dashboard redesign for a client. As a result, they experienced a 46% increase in conversions from free trials to premium accounts. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how we did it.

Prospect Case Study

We’ve recently worked with Prospect which has a CRM software for businesses that manage inventory and stock. Shortly after this project, Andy the CEO of Prospect sent me this email.

Email sent by Prospect’s CEO where he tell us how much has the conversion rate increased, after our dashboard redesign.

What we did here is that we made the dashboards completely intuitive, removed any complexity and brought all of the value to the surface, making it quick and easy to understand.

This was one of the best emails we’ve received recently. It validates the work we’ve been doing and confirms that we’re achieving our mission to help SaaS founders create meaningful products users love.

How did we achieve a 46% increase on upgrades?

When we met, Andy explained that he had a technically advanced product, but that he felt there was a lot of room for improvement with the dashboard. When we first saw Prospect’s dashboard, our first impression was that the UX was weak. Visually, there was little impact and data representation was lacking. Furthermore, there seemed to be no clear focus on the objective that the dashboard was supporting. 

Prospect’s dashboard before our redesign

We were given the task of redesigning this dashboard with only one restriction. We could not make any changes to the taskbar at the top of the screen and to the left-hand side navigation toolbar.

Here’s what we did:

  • Firstly, we clarified the user profiles for the dashboard. Prospect had three user profiles which all had different requirements and objectives.
  • Secondly, we established the desired outcomes for each profile. This means we needed to create different experiences for each.
  • Thirdly, we presented contextual information. This involved innovating to ensure that the data we presented was relevant and that it served each profile in the context of their daily workflow.
  • Aditionally, we provided goal-based navigation that helped users complete tasks and achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Lastly, we demonstrated ROI by surfacing the value that had been previously hidden in the product.

The three dashboard designs

This first dashboard we created was the one that sales representatives use. It shows all of the data they need to see in order to manage their pipeline, drive sales and hit targets. Each of these widgets was carefully considered with the purpose of motivating sales reps and supporting them in achieving their goals.

UserActive design of the sales reps’ dashboard

The second dashboard is designed for the sales manager. This enables them to gain a quick overview of revenues, pipelines and sales performance throughout the business. Sales managers can now easily track performance against forecasts, observe won and lost deal ratios and even see how individuals in the team are performing.

UserActive design of the sales managers’ dashboard

Finally, we designed the account manager dashboard. This enables Prospect’s clients to manage existing customers to their best ability. Here, Prospect innovated to provide RFM analysis (this is the coloured chart on the dashboard) which shows the state of their business in one snapshot. This feature brings real value and makes Prospect stand out against competitors, none of which has a similar feature.

UserActive redesign of the account managers’ dashboard


Overall, we were really pleased with the outcome of this project. Not only because we ensured that we redesign the UI to present data in an elegant and impactful way, but because we really moved the needle on the bottom line metrics that mattered to our client. That clearly shows how product design can drive growth.

If you need help with the product design for your software, please reach out to us via our website at In the meantime, I hope this article helps you improve your product, get more users and grow.

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