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How To Use AI In Your SaaS [industry-specific ideas!]

Looking for ideas of how to use AI in your SaaS? Look no further!

You can meet evolving user expectations, differentiate your software from competitors, attract new customers, and retain existing ones all by embracing AI. In this blog, I’m gonna give you industry specific examples of what AI can do, so that you can take them and apply them to your SaaS!

Google Trends increase in searches for AI between 2021 and 2022.
Google Trends increase in searches for AI between 2021 and 2022

There’s no denying that AI is a hot topic right now, just look at the increase in those Google searches! Therefore, for you as a SaaS founder, now is the perfect moment to start adding AI-powered features to your product, as users now are expecting personalised, intelligent experiences from their software.

Where do you start when integrating AI into your SaaS?

Always start by identifying the Use Case

First of all, think about specific scenarios where AI could help your users, consider their pain points, challenges, or opportunities. 

In fact, identifying use cases is actually something we help you do at UserActive in our Product Workshops. You can book a call here to find out more information.

Gather high-quality data

AI models need data for training and making accurate predictions. You can either collect data from your user interactions, integrate with external data sources, or leverage existing data within your SaaS platform.

Don’t forget Data Privacy and Security – you’ll need measures to protect user data and comply with regulations.

Build or Acquire AI Models

If you build AI models in-house, you’ll need a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers. Otherwise, you can acquire pre-trained models or use third-party providers to accelerate development.

So that’s what you’ll need.

What kind of AI features would be beneficial for your industry?

If your software is a CRM, or related to marketing, accounting, HR, cybersecurity or is a collaboration tool – I’ve got ideas for how you can use AI in your SaaS!

AI Ideas for a CRM

You can use AI to analyse customer data, predict customer behaviour, and provide personalised recommendations.

You can also automate lead scoring, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and improve your customer support using chatbots.

AI Ideas for Marketing Automation SaaS

You can be using AI to optimise email marketing campaigns, segment audiences, and personalise content based on user behaviour and preferences.

It can analyse social media data, identify influencers, and automate social media posting.

AI Ideas for Financial and Accounting SaaS

AI can automate data entry, expense categorization, and invoice processing.

It can help with fraud detection, risk assessment, and financial forecasting.

AI algorithms can also analyse market data and provide investment recommendations.

AI Ideas for Cybersecurity SaaS

Did you know AI can identify and mitigate security threats?

It can enhance user authentication, fraud prevention, and data encryption.

It can also detect anomalies in network traffic, and analyse user behaviour for risk assessment.

AI Ideas for HR SaaS

You can use AI to automate CV screening, candidate matching, and interview scheduling.

It can also assist in workforce planning and performance evaluations.

AI Ideas for Collaboration and Communication Tools

Have you thought about adding speech-to-text transcription, language translation, and voice/video analysis for remote meetings? You can with AI!

AI can also automate task management, schedule optimization, and sentiment analysis in team communications.

These are just a few examples to get you thinking.

Once you have a clear idea relating to your Use Case, you’ll need to test and validate.

Most importantly, when you do integrate AI into your SaaS, make sure you know how to clearly communicate and educate your users on how this technology is going to help them and why it’s so valuable, so they’ll stick around!

Why bother adding AI features to your SaaS?

Great question! Think of this as future-proofing. AI is a life-changing technology giving you and your company huge potential for growth and innovation. AI has taken us by storm and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The big players in the SaaS industry are using AI-powered features to wow their users and win considerable market shares, so why wouldn’t you jump on the bandwagon too?

By integrating AI into your SaaS software now, you’ll be ahead of the game and can continue to evolve and adapt as the tech does!

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration on what features you can add to your platform so you can wow your users and grow your business!

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