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The 6 Best Design Podcasts You Need to Listen to

In this article, we’re sharing 6 notable product design podcasts to listen to in 2022. As the new year begins, we’re looking forward to seeing what content these podcasts deliver. No matter what you’re looking for from a design podcast, whether it be inspiration, advice or facts, these podcasts cover it all. Some are new and just making their way into the podcast world, while others are more established with tons of episodes for you to listen to. You’re sure to find something in these podcasts to spark some interest and inspiration. Start the new year right and add these to your favourites list, like, follow and subscribe, so that you don’t miss any new episodes in 2022.

1. User Defenders

To start off, we have User Defenders. It is hosted by Jason Ogle, who started the podcast several years ago and named it based on his life-long fascination with superheroes. He has a strong focus on empathy and designing with purpose. His guests are “superheroes” that share their experience and design superpowers or kryptonite. Every episode aims to inspire and equip listeners on how to better serve their users and businesses, all while being informative and entertaining. With 80+ episodes and counting, you don’t want to miss this podcast. He usually has guests that are wonderful storytellers that have many compelling stories to tell. Check out the suggested episode for a comprehensive & informative episode to start off with.

Suggested Episode:

  • Jason shares a super informative, end-of-year episode, sharing everything he knows so far about getting a job in UX.

2. UI Narrative

Next, we have UI Narrative, a podcast hosted by Tolu Garcia, a Senior Product Designer working in the tech space. The podcast is a platform for sharing stories and experiences from Black/People of Colour based on their work as interface designers and researchers in UI/UX and IxD. She releases new episodes weekly, providing actionable advice, insight and tools to help listeners create successful products. For example, some recent topics covered on the podcast are designing for emotion, and “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Product Designer”. Moreover, she has been a designer for almost 8 years and has lots of experience to back her up.

Suggested Episode:

  • Tolu shares 10 things she wishes she knew before becoming a product designer.

3. UI Breakfast: UI/UX Design and Product Strategy

Continuing with some more UI/UX design content, this podcast is hosted by Jane Portman, Co-founder of Userlist. UI Breakfast dives into everything UI/UX design. Her guests are industry experts that offer advice, experience and insight so that listeners can apply it to their own business. Previous episodes have included conversations about behavioural economics, live streaming and building relationships using email automation, to name a few. Among her guests, Scott Belsky, CPO of Adobe, Cheryl Platz, author of Design Beyond Devices, and Mark Baldino, co-founder of Fuzzy Math.

Suggested Episode:

  • Developer and content creator Cassidy speaks with Jane to discuss live streaming.

4. The Way of Product Design

The host Caden Damiano says that his podcast has one goal: “To help product designers generate massive value for their clients, their companies and themselves so they can do the work they enjoy the most”. Caden interviews product designers that have worked at companies such as Uber, Google and IBM and many more in between. Guests share what it takes to be a valuable product designer, and help listeners learn how they can be one too. He has spoken to many guests such as Adam Fry-Pierce from Docusign and Patricia Dwyer from Intuit. To sum up, the podcast is a great place to listen to if you’re looking to unlock the true value of design in your work.

Suggested episode:

  • Caden speaks with Johnathan Shariat about how to define “good” design.

5. UX Podcast

Moving on, we have the UX podcast. This podcast has been on the air for 10 years! It is hosted by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom, and they release episodes twice a month. They hope to push the boundaries of the perception of user experience and support listeners by boosting the confidence they have in their work. Their podcast is a great resource because they have so much content. You can listen to hundreds of conversations from UX leaders and thinkers, like Tanya Snook, who coined the term UX Theatre. You’ll find many more interesting guests on their podcast. The episodes usually last 30-40 minutes, perfect for listening to on the way to work, lunch breaks or making dinner.

Suggested episode:

  • The hosts talk with Rishma Hansil to learn more about Japanese design culture.

6. The Product Design Podcast

Finally, we have The Product Design Podcast is hosted by Seth Coelen, founder of UX Cabin. Seth hosts prominent guests who work in the product design space. He asks guests to share their stories and describe how they got to where they are today, including their mistakes and experiences along the way. This podcast started in 2021 and releases a new episode two or three times monthly. Since the podcast is still fairly new, you can go back to the beginning and catch up by listening to all the podcasts so that you don’t miss any of the great conversations available. For example, some of those interesting episodes include chats about how Eric Lobdell went from designing iPhone skins to leading design systems at Facebook and Denise Francis’ journey between architecture and product design!

Suggested episode:

  • Seth speaks with Peter Loving of UserActive about his transition from freelancer to founder.

That wraps up our list of 6 notable product design podcasts to listen to in 2022! The new year is finally here, so don’t miss your chance to stay up to date with new episodes of these podcasts. We hope that these podcasts help you in the new year. These podcasts are just one more resource to help you improve your product, get more users, and grow!

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