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5 Smart Tools to Optimise Conversions on Your SaaS Website

It’s critical that your website visitors understand the benefits of your product and why they should become a user. From this point onwards you should make everything easy for them. Signing up, finding information, making a subscription payment, understanding how to use the product, and so on. This will consequently lead to better SaaS conversion optimization. Otherwise, you could be letting your product down. To help you out, we’ve made a list of 5 smart tools to optimise conversions on your SaaS website.

Let’s take a look at some tools you can use to ensure your site is doing its job in this important first step, SaaS Conversion Optimisation. Once this is working effectively, you can focus on perfecting the onboarding process that turns them into customers. Fail to get this first step right and you can forget about the rest of the funnel. Let’s take a look at 5 handy tools that can get your conversion process off to a flying start.


Want to make it easier for prospects and users to contact you? Intercom makes it easy to have quick conversations that help you support your customers and ensure they understand how your product can work for them. Features include automated onsite chat (which is quite handy for onboarding and feedback), direct messenger (for live conversations with customers), in-app walkthroughs (to ensure users know how to use your product and get the most from it) and knowledge base software (where you can store all the information customers can refer to for support).

Intercom SaaS Conversion Optimisation

Whilst there are a lot of tools that provide these features, Intercom consolidates it all and does so elegantly. It’s quick and easy to set up and has a premium feel to it. Furthermore, beyond a variety of comms features, the tool also provides tracking data on user activity, giving you insights into behaviour and activity. The kind of data you can track here includes:

  • Users who signed up in the last week
  • Users who signed up once but never returned
  • Which users on the free plan are yet to upgrade

You can also customise these metrics for the type of data you need to see.


Drip enables you to create dynamic email campaigns that react to user behaviour. You can use Drip’s opt-in forms to gain subscribers from your guides, courses and other useful content for your audience. Once you have captured your prospects’ email, Drip enables you to nurture these subscribers with automated email sequences that lead them towards desired actions.

Whether you’re providing software training, promoting a premium account or following up after an event, Drip provides some useful campaign blueprints to begin working with. Use these blueprints and modify them to suit your needs or create your own from scratch with Drip’s easy workflow interface. We like Drip because of its well-designed interface, pricing and customer support.

VWO Engage

If you’re looking for a tool that draws visitors back to your site, VWO Engage, formerly known as PushCrew, may be worth a look. It sends notifications to visitors when you have posted new content to your site encouraging them to make repeat visits. These notifications are native within the browser, so visitors see them when they are not on your site. The notifications have higher conversion rates than email and they work on mobile too. They make it easy for visitors to return to your site at any time. Notifications are customisable and can operate in a personalised manner. They send notifications of content matching the visitor’s interests. These are based on their previous browsing session on your site. This effective tool does require an opt-in from the visitor, agreeing to receive these notifications.


Check out OptinMonster if you’re looking for better SaaS conversion optimisation. Although sometimes seen as a bit of an obtrusive interaction, these guys do browser prompted pop-up forms in the nicest way possible. With great designs and elegant interaction, OptinMonster detects when a visitor is thinking about leaving your site and it displays a pop-up lead magnet of your own design. Other features include options to A/B test your forms and analytics to track success rates.


Leadpages is the leading website landing page builder. It comes with hundreds of landing page templates and an easy-to-use page builder enables you to customise landing pages to your own design. There are templates designed for nearly every sector and purpose you can think of. These vary from SaaS to dentistry and each page is designed to convert to the highest possible rate for its purpose. Some of our favourite aspects of Leadpages are the ease and speed at which you can create a page, as well as the ease of integration with WordPress.

That wraps up our list of 5 smart tools to optimise conversions on your SaaS website. These tools are great things to implement on your website to help improve your product, get more users and grow!

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