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17 Best SaaS Communities You Need to Join Now

We scoured the internet to find 17 helpful SaaS communities you need to join now. Whether you’re looking for a space to ask for advice, network, or learn from others, there is something for you on this list. Don’t waste any more time, find your community now! Let’s take a look.

Zero to SaaS

Source: Zero to SaaS website

Zero to SaaS is an online thriving community. It offers, among other things, a learning program designed to guide entrepreneurs in building and launching their own SaaS business. The course covers all aspects of starting and growing a SaaS business, from ideation and validation to product development, marketing, sales, and scalability. Using practical instructions, video lessons, and tools.

SaaS Insider 


Source: SI LinkedIn

Firstly, we have SaaS Insider. “A definitive community for Global SaaS” is what they define themselves as on their website. SaaS Insider is India’s largest B2B SaaS conference and offers a space within their community for sharing knowledge with other SaaS founders. Here you can exchange relevant information about how to run a SaaS business successfully. Their website offers job postings and blog articles and keeps you updated on their conference and events. You can request to join the Insider Circle, the private community for SaaS B2B founders and investors. It is invite-only, and your application will be reviewed to make sure they maintain a high-quality group dedicated to SaaS. Additionally, you can request to join their awesome Slack channel!

SaaS Invaders


Source: SI Twitter

SaaS Invaders provides a community for SaaS businesses to run and grow. You can submit deals -if it fits the criteria- and they will share them on their SaaS deals page. If you are a SaaS founder or executive looking for deals, this is a great place to check as all the deals are geared towards you. There are deals on resources such as eBooks/books, software, eLearning and more. Under their SaaS Community page, you can submit, as well as read many helpful articles as long as you’re logged in.

SaaSBoomi Founder Network


Source: SaaS BOOMi YouTube

This is a network directed towards Indian SaaS founders. This group was started by SaaS founders in 2015, hoping to share information and learn from one another. Over the last several years since the formation of SaaSBOOMi, India’s SaaS industry has grown to $1.5 billion in annual revenue. They hope to build a community to become the biggest space for peer learning for the biggest SaaS ecosystem in all of India. They also have a Slack community, #IndianSaaStribe with over 100 SaaS Indian founders. India is a hotspot for SaaS startups, so if you are a founder from that part of the world, this is the community for you! They also put on Asia’s largest SaaS conference, SaaSBOOMi Annual, which is not to be missed.

SaaS Club


Source: SaaS Club Twitter

SaaS Club was founded by Omer Khan, who also hosts The SaaS Podcast. The aim of SaaS Club is to help early-stage founders build, grow, and/or launch successful SaaS businesses. He has a lot of great resources for those who are starting out, like his social media platforms and his podcast. You can find out more about that in our article, SaaS Podcasts. Alternatively, you can also join the free SaaS Club community, a private membership group aimed at those early-stage founders that might be looking for some support, guidance, or advice.



Source: SaaStitute Twitter

A group by Recurr, SaaStitute is a place for all things SaaS, to help you learn, and grow your SaaS. They have brought together resources such as SaaS blogs, videos, lists of products, deals and offers, and they even have a section for SaaS funding! You can learn so much here, whether you’re just entering the SaaS world or you’re a seasoned pro. Additionally, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter and they will send you a weekly selection of news, articles and threads to enjoy. Saastitute also has an excellent deal book and is India’s first SaaS-only funding directory. Finally, if you’re seeking inspiration, check out their Startup Stories to read up on inspiring stories, hear interviews and tips from fellow SaaS founders and entrepreneurs.

SaaS Nordic



SaaS Nordic creates a space for professionals working in Nordic SaaS companies, bringing people together to share advice and start conversations. They have a Slack community where SaaS professionals can learn, grow, and share their ideas and experiences. If you’re looking for a space to ask questions and get answers from all the right people, this is the community for you. It was made by SaaS professionals for fellow SaaS professionals. Here you will find support, inspiration and insight from fellow Nordic professionals working in SaaS.

SaaS Revolutionaries

SaaStock - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Source: SaaStock Facebook

Coming from SaaStock, SaaS Revolutionaries is a closed Facebook group designed for SaaS investors, founders and executives. It currently has over six thousand members that regularly share ideas, ask for advice, share relevant content. It’s a great place to make connections and discuss with other SaaS leaders. Don’t get this group confused with the SaaS Revolution Show podcast, hosted by Alex Theuma, who also created this Facebook group. Both are great resources, so if you like the podcast, check out the Facebook group for a valuable, knowledgeable community. Additionally, if you’re interested in SaaS podcasts to listen to, check out our article 10 Top SaaS Podcasts.

Future of SaaS Community

Future of SaaS - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Source: Future of SaaS

This community is a Slack community for those in SaaS to discuss, network and share ideas. They want to help you sharpen your ideas and gain useful knowledge in order to sell faster and smarter. If you’re looking for a supportive, global community of over 700 SaaS leaders to bounce ideas off of, provide answers to others, and learn from, you should definitely join!

SaaS Growth Hacks


Source: Aaron Krall

SaaS Growth Hacks is another excellent Facebook group with over twenty-eight thousand members! It was made by Aaron Krall, a SaaS growth pro. He helps turn small, new SaaS products into market leaders and started the Facebook group to share his passion for SaaS. SaaS Growth Hacks is a group meant for anyone related to SaaS and is a place to start learning, learn more, network, and scale.


SaaStr - Updates, News, Events, Signals & Triggers


Source: Crunchbase

The SaaStr community is the biggest online B2B software community in the world! There are over six hundred thousand members and that number is growing every day. Fellow members include Aaron Levie of Box and Elisa Steele of Namely, to name a few. If you want to learn from other SaaS leaders, find support, gain access to exclusive content, and event discounts, head over to their website to sign up! When you sign up, you can also look forward to weekly training emails from SaaStr founder, Jason Lemkin.

SaaS Founders – Build & Scale

SaaS Founders & Execs was created by Peter Loving of UserActive. It is a space for SaaS founders and executives to network, ask questions and give advice about growing your SaaS! With over ten thousand members, it is a strong community of SaaS leaders from all over the world who support each other’s successes, offer tips and feedback and share knowledge. The group also has some great resources within it, such as a “Preferred Suppliers List” full of great deals and offers available only to members. Also, every Thursday they host a “Member Spotlight” featuring different members of the group who share their stories, advice and more. Past guests who have appeared on the Member Spotlight include TK Kader, David Henzel and Andres Muguir. Make sure to join this group!

r/SaaS on Reddit

Software As a Service Companies — The Future Of Tech Businesses


Source: r/SaaS Reddit

This community is a Subreddit for SaaS founders and anyone else related to SaaS. It was created over a decade ago in 2008, and now boasts a following of almost thirty thousand SaaS people! You can find or start discussions, share useful links or resources with SaaS founders, entrepreneurs and more.

Indie Hackers


Source: Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is the perfect space to learn from other founders who have created their own profitable online businesses. It also provides an opportunity to connect with others who are starting or growing their businesses. In this community, you can find help to generate revenue with the projects you’re working on. If you seek financial independence and are keen to work on your own terms, Indie Hackers is the place to ask for help.

KickAss SaaS


Source: Kickass SaaS Facebook

You may know KickAss SaaS from their Online Growth Conference, but they also have a great Facebook group, too! In this SaaS community, they welcome SaaS founders, CEOs, SaaS and conference lovers. It is a global community, and although its members are few, it’s a great place to get in early and make genuine connections with those already in the group.

SaaS Products & Marketing


Source: SaaS P&M Facebook

This community is all about SaaS products and marketing. It is a Facebook group with almost nineteen thousand members and is a great place to announce your launch, pick up tips and tricks, as well as a supportive place to ask whatever question you need an answer to. It’s a public group, so you can access all the conversations, resources and content in the group at any time!

Scaling SaaS Founders

Dan Martell (@danmartell) / Twitter


Source: Dan Martell Twitter

Dan Martell made this Facebook group in order to help support SaaS founders in scaling their SaaS companies. This community aims to connect SaaS founders using an ask and give model. Members in this private group can either ask for advice, feedback or something similar or give something such as conference tickets or expertise.

Thanks for reading our list of 17 helpful SaaS communities you need to join now! We hope you enjoyed reading about all of these excellent SaaS communities and have found at least one community to join.

Final Words

We’re here to help! Do you need help with UX/UI design for your software? You can book a call right here and by joining these communities, you’re sure to improve your product, get more users and grow!

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