Helping SaaS founders create meaningful products users love.

UserActive is an agency that designs meaningful tech products. We’re inspired by a mission to help tech founders build meaningful products that enrich the lives of users. We do this by applying critical thinking, creative talent and product strategy to solve real business challenges.

UserActive are a remote team of consultants and designers based in Barcelona and London. Our customers include Onebox, Oneserve, Pearson, BBC, Prospect CRM, Publicate, LoadGENI, swift CRM, The Work Crowd and many more.

We fix your software UX,
you get more happy customers

Client growth soars as we optimize product usability and showcase its true value, minimizing time to value. Our interventions drive increased engagement, satisfaction, and overall business success.

UserActive have dramatically helped us. I don't know how I would have done it without them

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Benefit from transferable expertise
working with a wide range of SaaS

Unlock transferable expertise by collaborating on a diverse array of SaaS projects. Gain valuable insights and skills that transcend industries, allowing you to adapt and excel across a wide spectrum of innovative SaaS solutions.

They have great UI/UX design ability but also came up with, and improved upon our ideas

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Get a dedicated designer and a design lead
to collaborate with your team

Experience our double designer approach, ensuring your solution is not just developed by one designer but benefits from the collaborative expertise of a dedicated designer and a seasoned lead. Our team works cohesively, providing comprehensive insights and a shared vision to elevate your project to its fullest potential.

We have a passion for solving tech problems with great design

At UserActive, our passion lies in seamlessly merging technology and design to solve complex problems. We thrive on crafting innovative solutions that not only address technical challenges but elevate user experiences. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, where our commitment to great design transforms tech problems into opportunities for exceptional solutions.

Delivering business value

Eliminate competition by delivering unique value for your customer.

Meaningful Products

Increase utilisation and retention by providing users with a better experience.

Committed to Excellence

Specialising in SaaS means we have a deep understanding of subscription businesses.

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