About us

user interface services for enterprices

UserActive is an agency that designs meaningful tech products. We’re inspired by a mission to help tech founders build meaningful products that enrich the lives of users. We do this by applying critical thinking, creative talent and product strategy to solve real business challenges.

UserActive are a remote team of consultants and designers based in Barcelona and London. Our customers include Onebox, Oneserve, Pearson, BBC, Prospect CRM, Publicate, LoadGENI, swift CRM, The Work Crowd and many more.

Value in Real Terms

Our methodology is to ensure that our input contributes directly to metrics that move the needle for our customers. We focus on improving metric driven objectives such as increasing NPS, increasing utilisation and increasing retention. Whilst we highly value great design, we are ultimately driven by user behavioural activity and commercial metrics.

Meaningful Products

We enjoy working on products that we believe solve problems in the marketplace in a meaningful manner. In other words, we believe the products we work on should positively impact the people and organisations that use them. A meaningful product should improve a problem in a valuable or unique way, provide a better way of doing something, or save end users cost or time.

Committed to Excellence

Throughout the years we have observed many entrepreneurs and companies launching products with a wide array of different results. We have observed many of the common challenges and pitfalls of launching a product and we aim to not only help organisations avoid expensive or time consuming problems but also to ensure a product has the very best chance of succeeding in its intended application.

Talk to a SaaS Expert

If you’re struggling to deliver a great product experience, book a 15 min Strategy Call with a SaaS expert. We’ll share free advice, give you a steer on your project and see if we’re a good fit to help.