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14 Top SaaS Podcasts You Should Know in 2022

This article gives you a list of 14 top SaaS podcasts you should know in 2022. If you are involved in the world of SaaS and you’re not listening to these podcasts already, you should be! Each podcast on the list has a short summary and 2 episode suggestions to introduce you to the show. Between these 14 podcasts, everything under the SaaS sun is discussed, so you won’t be left feeling like a topic hasn’t been covered. With hosts hailing from India to England and a mix of male and female hosts, you’re sure to get a diverse range of thoughts, ideas and experiences to learn from.

1. Better Done Than Perfect by UserList 

To start off our list of 14 top SaaS podcasts you should know in 2022, we have Better Done Than Perfect. This is a podcast by SaaS founders for SaaS founders. The host Jane Portman speaks with guests who are SaaS founders and product people. These guests share real-life stories in every episode, providing actionable advice that you can implement in your own business. They have over 30 episodes full of content that directly relates to the most important aspects of SaaS. Their first season was dedicated to user onboarding and their current and second season is focused on customer success. They release episodes about every two weeks, so you can count on an interesting discussion at least twice a month.

Suggested Episode

  • Kristina Quinones divulges her onboarding secrets and strategies as Head of Customer Experience at MeetEdgar.

2. SaaS Boss 

This podcast is aimed at bootstrapped SaaS founders. Coaches and consultants give advice about everything from building remote teams to startup scaling challenges and everything in between. Host Natalie Luneva talks with guests from diverse areas of expertise such as community-led growth, pricing strategies, go-to-market strategies for SaaS and more! You can also tune in to their YouTube show. Additionally, Peter Loving, founder of UserActive appears in SaaS Boss Mastermind (episode linked below).

Suggested Episode

  • UserActive’s Peter Loving appears on their YouTube channel and talks about how to improve your SaaS product to drive growth.

3. SaaS & Scotch

Informative conversations over a glass of Scotch, covering topics such as driving SaaS growth to the power of outbound. The host is TK Kader, entrepreneur, international best-selling author, and angel investor. He worked at Bridgewater Associates and he’s got lots of great insight and connections which he utilizes on the podcast. Lastly, some guests include Nick Mehta CEO of Gainsight, the leading Customer Success company and our own Peter Loving from UserActive!

Suggested Episode:

  • Peter Loving talks about how you can get your users to love your product.

4. The SaaS Revolution Show

Brought to us by SaaStock, this podcast focuses on delivering insights and tactics from many of the leading minds in SaaS from across the globe. Moreover, founders, executives, and investors share their knowledge on a wide range of topics, such as growing companies, acquiring and keeping customers, and scaling globally. The podcast is hosted by Alex Theuma, founder of SaaStock. New podcasts come out weekly and tend to be anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes long. If you’re in need of some inspiration and wisdom from some of the leaders in SaaS, then this podcast is for you!

Suggested Episode:

  • Keji Mustapha, Global Director of Brand & Community at Partech, discusses how founders learn to scale themselves as their company scales.

5. Protect the Hustle 

This podcast is hosted by ProfitWell’s Patrick Campbell. He discusses scaling tactics in SaaS and the strategy behind it all. Moreover, his podcast gives you a team of advisors who are doing the work and have the experience and expertise to share with the listeners on the podcast. If topics like managing hyper-growth, educating emerging markets and data-driven decision-making interest you, then you should be listening to this podcast. These are just a few examples of the engaging topics he covers with knowledgeable guests.

Suggested Episode:

  • Eric and Patrick talk about how to be successful in an emerging market.

6. SaaSy as F**k! 

Hosts Jon McGreevy and Alex Radford have just started their podcast journey this year in 2021. Although their episodes are few, they are full of great content. Be sure to start following this podcast if you want to listen in on chats with guests like Marc Thomas of Powered by Search, or email strategist and copywriter Samar Owais. Their fun conversations are easy to listen to and you will get great insight into a variety of topics and valuable takeaway by listening to this podcast. 

Suggested Episode:

  • Samar talks about her move from content writer to email copywriter and writing for Copyhackers.

7. SaaS District 

Akeel Jabber hosts this informative podcast for SaaS founders, entrepreneurs and investors. He covers all the stages a founder or startup goes through from beta to exit. For example, Akeel discusses topics such as innovation, scaling, hiring, B2B sales and bootstrapping just to name a few. There is so much content to learn from and new episodes are coming out frequently. Episodes tend to be 30-60 minutes long and they offer lots of information from SaaS leaders and thinkers. 

Suggested Episode:

  • Naomi, Executive Vice President at WixAnswers.com shares her story.

8. SaaS Open Mic 

This podcast has short but sweet episodes with interesting guests, hosted by Olivia Jarvis. Personal stories are shared by SaaS founders and innovators on this podcast by ChartMogul. Furthermore, guests cover how they got to where they are, sharing valuable experience and inspiration and identifying key components of their success to give listeners valuable takeaway to implement in their own SaaS business. 

Suggested Episode:

  • Esben and Olivia talk about product-led growth, best tools for PLG and more.

9. The SaaS Podcast 

Whether you are building SaaS, are launching or want to grow your SaaS business, this podcast touches on all things SaaS. Host Omer Kahn interviews entrepreneurs and startup founders to get their best advice and actionable insights to help you on your journey. Bootstrapping, founder mindset and growth are a few intriguing topics on The SaaS Podcast and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you want to go back to episode one (there are over 300 episodes!) or start listening from the latest episode, you won’t be short on content. New episodes come out frequently, so there will always be something new to listen to. 

Suggested Episode:

  • Omer and Holly talk about Subly, which provides transcription, translation and subtitles for audio and video content.

10. SaaStr 

Next up, we have SaaStr, a podcast that aims to provide valuable tactics, tips and strategies to listeners by interviewing leading SaaS investors and operators. Their episodes are short, between 15-30 minutes and new episodes drop several times a month. How do you compete in a competitive market such as SaaS? Well, SaaStr hopes to share all the ways you can do that by talking to people like Asana’s Head of Experience Research, Beth Toland and Joe Thomas, CEO of Loom to hear their most valuable advice and experience.

Suggested Episode:

  • Beth shares different ways to make customer insights a part of product development, among other topics.

11. Escape Velocity

The term escape velocity in space exploration and astronomy is the velocity sufficient enough for a body to escape from its gravitational centre of attraction without gaining more velocity. This is the idea of Dan Martell’s podcast: how to break away from the cycle you’re in to scale, grow, and exit your business. Dan speaks with some of the biggest SaaS Founders on his podcast, such as Des Traynor of Intercom, Nathan Latka and Claire Lew of Know Your Team. Unfortunately, he hasn’t posted a new episode since March 2021. However, there’s lots of great content in his library to check out.

Suggested Episode:

  • Claire Lew speaks with Dan about keeping your finger on the pulse of your company.

12. Churn.FM

Next, we have Churn.FM, born out of frustration by Andrew Michael. He says he was tired of hearing stories that seemed unrealistic and solutions that were magic problem-solvers for whatever company was mentioned. In addition, Andrew acknowledges that churn is one of the most difficult tasks facing any subscription business. On his podcast, he speaks with founders and other pros from within the subscription economy, hailing from diverse areas such as marketing, operations, customer success, support and more!

Suggested Episode:

  • Phillip Wolf, founder of Custify chats with Andrew Michael about the evolution of the customer success software market, among other topics.

13. SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders

Next up we have SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders hosted by Nathan Latka. These are short, daily episodes where Nathan speaks with leaders in the SaaS community to extract the most pertinent information and data that is behind the fastest-growing SaaS companies. Nathan has over 1,800 episodes of SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders for you to check out, such as the suggested episode below. It’s a great podcast to follow as you can get a tidbit of advice every single day from different CEO, founders and other SaaS leaders.

Suggested Episode:

  • Nathan talks refining your data and closing more deals.

14. SaaS Nordic

Finally, if you’re interested in learning from SaaS founders and leaders from some of the notable Nordic SaaS companies, you need to start listening to SaaS Nordic! Whether you’re looking for insight, tips, tricks or hearing the strategies other founders used to grow, you’ll find it all here. The show is hosted by Daniel Nackovski, VP of Sales for inRiver, and Thomas Sjöberg, Director Strategic Alliances for Apptus, both great leaders in the Nordic SaaS space. The episodes are released every second Tuesday and are around 40 minutes long. Previous topics have included unlocking the power of Product-Led-Growth and even bootstrapping to 36m euro ARR. Don’t miss this biweekly podcast!

Suggested episode:

  • Mikael Thuneberg shares the amazing story of how he saw a gap in the market, built something himself and bootstrapped Supermetrics to €36m ARR.

Thanks for reading our list of 14 top SaaS podcasts you should know in 2022! Overall, we think these podcasts offer great advice and cover interesting topics, and we hope that you do too. Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite, and share any other SaaS podcasts you enjoy or find helpful.

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