Product Mistakes for B2B SaaS

12 Costly Product Mistakes in B2B SaaS

After designing hundreds of SaaS products we’ve compiled a guide on 12 costly product mistakes we’ve witnessed over and over again. Get the guide to avoid waisting valuable time and money developing your SaaS.

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Succeed faster by avoiding common SaaS mistakes

Your product is unique. But you can benefit by adopting common practices from hundreds of successful SaaS companies. At the same time you’ll avoid wasting valuable time and money.

Leading SaaS products have intuitive user experiences, compelling activation and easy upgrade flows. Learn how to implement along with other tactics that drive activation, build customer loyalty and make your product stand out.

What you’ll discover in this guide

Increase Upgrades

How to design an upgrade flow that leads your users on their buying journey.

Extend LTV

Wow users from the start with an engaging product experience that builds loyalty.

Reduce Churn

Implement powerful onboarding and cancellation flows that prevent churn.